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The wide-ranging technical and engineering design in wave and tidal technologies requires individual marine solutions for the mobilisation, demobilisation and deployment of these devices. With extensive experience working in these harsh environments Orcades Marine provide expert guidance and work closely with developers and their power partners to ensure smooth and efficient operations in this innovative sector.

• Marine Project Management
Third Party Verification
• Preparation of method statements
• Marine hazard identification and risk assessment
• Production of marine procedures including voyage planning
• Auditing and assessment of suitability and competences of vessels and crews
• Procurement strategy for vessels, plant and machinery and vessel chartering
• Voyage management and logistical support
• Offshore Operations Management and logistical support
• Client representation Provision of advice and local knowledge to developers and mariners for Orkney and Pentland Firth
• Condition and valuation surveys of vessels
• New vessel building and refit supervision
• Warranty Surveys
• Marine and Engineering Superintendency
• Marine Co-ordination
• CDM Co-Ordinators
• Emergency response

We have provided turnkey solutions for clients such as tidal developer Flumill AS and wave energy developer Wello Oy and marine risk and project management for many other developers and support services in the marine renewable sector.