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Strategic Advice:

      • Feasibility and Development Studiesorcades-ports
      • Business and Financial Evaluations
      • Tariffs and Pricing
      • Market Assessment and Traffic Forecasting
      • Marketing and Business Plans
      • Master Plans
      • Consents and Permissions for Developments
      • Privatisation, Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Port/Terminal Planning and Design
      • Port/Terminal Operating systems –e.g. Management, Manpower and Manning Issues
      • Governance for Statutory Authorities, Competent Authorities and Private Companies
      • Due Diligence
      • Expert Witness
      • Publications, Promotional Literature, Public and Stakeholder Documentation
      • Finance and Administration Systems

Amongst the many projects Orcades and our consultants have successfully completed  worldwide include  the  redevelopment of the a major eastern Mediterannean island port – review and recommendations  for the national port authority,  providing innovative advice and consultancy resulting in the establishment of a successful bunkering operation now operated by Aegean Oil on the south coast UK. We have experience in Nigeria (management training) Sierra Leone (port services assessment) and Mozambique (coastguard studies), and container operations and container terminal operators training in Phillipines, and several locations in UK and Europe


      • Port Marine Safety Code Auditing
      • Vessel inspection and ship survey
      • VTS Operations and Equipment Assessment
      • Competent Designated Person
      • Navigation Risk assessment
      • Operations (Landside) –e.g. Ship Replenishment, Stevedoring, Security, Engineering, Warehousing and Distribution, Value Added, Quality Systems, Health and Safety.
      • Operations (Marine) –e.g. Pilotage, Towage, Marine Support Services, Conservancy, Dredging, Berthing.

Our port operations consultants have gained their credentials from practical “hands on” industry experience. This experience has been developed and honed in order to provide the high level of services that port operators should expect.